The Biggest Real Estate Photo FAILS

Thanks to @BadRealEstatePics on Instagram, I've found some insanely awful photos that are going to make you wonder how and why these fails came to be....

1. The Tiniest Bathroom Ever.

First of all... how? If you're trying to break your neck while getting to the toilet, this is the way to do it. Not to mention, those stairs do NOT look safe. Imagine trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you're half asleep? Or coming home from a night of drinking with friends? Good luck... 


2. Interesting Kitchen...

I guess they ran out of room to fit the sink.


3. Stairway to....

Stairs leading to the throne! 

4. Master Bedroom with Ensuite... Kind Of.

When the listing says it the master bedroom features an ensuite, this is probably not what you're expecting. 


5. Plenty of Counter Space!

Not sure what the intention was behind this but hey! More storage space I guess! 


6. Can't Afford a Stager!

Why hire a home stager when you have Photoshop? 

7. Unfortunately, the Dolls Aren't Included in the Purchase of the Home.

Can you picture you and your partner living here yet? 

8. Ridiculous or Kind of Genius?

Heard you like cats... here's a home that's perfect for you and your family!

9. You'll Feel Right at Home Here... If You Live Outside, That Is.

Definitely has an outdoors-y vibe to it.

10. Is it a Murder Scene or Just a Spooky Shower Curtain?

It's Halloween all year round in this household! Any horror movie fans interested?


11. Having Trouble Putting Your Kids to Bed? Just Lock Them in the Closet.

At least this way, the kids can't roll over in their sleep and fall off the bunk bed.


12. Successfully Walking Out of this Room and Down the Stairs While Intoxicated Would be Considered an Olympic Sport.

This is a nightmare! Wondering why anyone thought this was a good idea.


13. Imagine Walking Up This Driveway After a Night of Freezing Rain...


Umm... I think I'll park on the street.

14. BunkBath Anyone?

Hope this bathroom isn't used by the whole family... might be a little awkward waking up to the sound of your family member using the toilet.

15. Romantic Rooftop Getaway!

Enjoy a romantic night on the roof while you sit and watch the stars! Please don't tell me there's a rooftop pool... I'm picturing a kiddie pool duct taped to the roof.

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