Tips For Selling Your Home in the Winter

By: Marlene Boyle

Tips For Selling Your Home in the Winter

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Selling a home in the winter can be tricky, but it can also be a great time to get a great deal! Here are some tips to help make the process go more smoothly: 

Make sure your home looks warm and inviting: This is especially important for homes that are on the market during the winter months. Make sure to keep your home heated and well lit, and use warm colours and cozy accents to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Shovel: Don't forget to shovel! Make sure your walkways, driveway, porch, deck, and/or patio area is shovelled for all showings and open houses. Making sure everything is cleared of snow gives potential buyers a better look at your home and it's features.

Price it right: The winter market can be a bit slower, so it’s important to price your home competitively to attract buyers. Work with a real estate agent to get a realistic assessment of your home’s value and price it accordingly.

Take summer pictures: Be sure to take pictures of the exterior of your home during the lush summer months when your lawn and gardens look best. You can provide these pictures to your agent to add to the listing so that potential  buyers can see what the home looks like  when your greenery is flourishing!

Be prepared: If your home has an inground pool, be sure to gather any necessary documents about prior repairs, cleanings, and maintenance for the buyers so that they don't run into any costly surprises.

Curb appeal: Ontario can be gray and cloudy during the winter, making the exterior of your home look dull. Add some greenery that can withstand the cold and make sure your exterior lighting is warm and inviting.

By following these tips, you can maximize your chances of selling your home during the winter months. Feel free to reach out if you need any help! 905 926 5554

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