New Landscaping Trends of 2022!

By: Marlene Boyle

New Landscaping Trends of 2022!

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Vegetable gardens

Growing your own food is becoming more and more popular as many people are concerned about the pesticides and modifications made to the fruits and vegetables they’re buying in the grocery stores. Plus, it’s a great money saver!

Sustainable lawns

Also known as nature-scaping, plenty of homeowners are abandoning the typical neat, perfectly manicured lawn aesthetic and instead, doing more to support wildlife. Consider choosing fruit trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and other native plants that entice pollinators as habitats continue to be destroyed and climate change becomes a bigger problem worldwide.Lush, sustainable lawns vs perfectly manicured lawns. Image on left features plenty of greenery, bushes, and wildflowers. The other shows a short freshly mowed lawn in front of a home.
(Image credits to CBC and Home Stratosphere)

Blurring the lines between inside and outside

As most of the world has been cooped up indoors for the past two years, interior design and landscaping trends have changed to reflect our desire to be outside. Human beings are leaning more towards bringing elements of nature in, and spending more time outdoors. Earthy colours and natural materials are popular for home design, and patio kitchens, pergolas, and even outdoor living room spaces have become popular as homeowners are using and appreciating their yards more.
Incredible back deck, patio, and outdoor oasis. Features an outdoor kitchen area, dining table, and lounge chairs, plus chairs surrounding a firepit. Bar stools at kitchen counter.
(Image credits to Urban Oasis)

Purples and greens

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022, a lovely shade of purple called Very Peri, is on trend - along with clover green. Both of these colours are very easy to incorporate into a garden. Vibrant greenery helps us feel more connected to nature, and touches of purple can easily be incorporated into your gardens using petunias, pansies, lilacs, verbena, lavender, hyacinth, and plenty more!


We’ve seen rectangular and square shaped gardens with crisp edges for years, in gardening boxes, brick and stone blocks, and a whole lot of symmetry. Embracing the curves we see in landscapes is a trend right now, using softer edges for a more natural look. Consider trying a curved retaining wall for your gardens, curved paths, or natural stepping stones of various shapes and sizes.
Garden surrounded by curved brick to separate the plants from the grass.
(Image credits to Better Homes & Gardens)

Tiny gardens

Not everyone has a backyard - or a yard at all, so creating tiny gardens using space efficiently is a huge trend for city folk and those who live in condos or apartments. Balcony gardening is huge right now, as many people are transforming their balconies into a mini oasis, where they can relax and still feel connected to nature.
Stunning balcony with a view of the city! Balcony is lined with planters and tall shrubbery and bushes, offering privacy from the neighbouring balcony. Plenty of purple wildflowers. as well as patio furniture, making a relaxing balcony sitting area.
(Image credits to Love The Garden)

Gardening to improve mental health

If you have a green thumb, you know that gardening can be extremely relaxing! There’s no doubt about it that many people have been struggling the last little while and taking up gardening is a great hobby that allows us to feel more connected to nature. Nourishing a plant and watching it thrive as your hard work pays off provides human beings with a great sense of pride and can boost self esteem. Gardening can improve many aspects of mental health, reducing stress, providing a sense of peace.


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