Why You Should Have a Realtor When Buying

By: Marlene Boyle

Why You Should Have a Realtor When Buying

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Using a realtor when searching for a home to buy is extremely important and something you should consider. There are several ways having a realtor by your side can make the buying process easier and less stressful.

Working with a realtor to find a home is much more productive and efficient, rather than spending time looking for listings on your own. The staging and photography of the listing may have you in awe and ready to move in as soon as possible, but realtors know what details to look for to ensure you aren’t blinded by a pretty set-up.

Your agent will be more alert when it comes to issues you might not think about right away, such as leaks, mold, etc. Realtors always have their client's best interest in mind, meaning they'll make you a priority and present you with the houses that best fit your needs. Agents will know what to look for and they'll do negotiating on your behalf to ensure you're paying a reasonable price for your new home. A realtor working for you will be looking for a reasonably priced home that best suits your needs.

That being said, remember that a realtor selling a home is looking to sell for the highest possible price and they’ll have the sellers best interest in mind, NOT yours. This is why it’s so important to have a realtor on your side when buying. Aside from negotiation skills and knowledge, realtors have a professional network and can connect you with trustworthy professionals such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, contractors, or inspectors.

Lastly, realtors are there to guide you and help make the buying process easier, especially if you’re a first time buyer and unsure as to what you should expect. For first time buyers, there are programs and rebates you may be able to qualify for as to help you financially. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out any time!
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