Buying a Home While Self Employed | Real Estate 101

By: Marlene Boyle

Buying a Home While Self Employed | Real Estate 101

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Here's how to qualify for a mortgage when you're self employed + other valuable tips and tricks by Lora Behm, a mortgage broker in Durham Region.

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Books Lora Recommended:  
The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

0:00 Intro: Meet Lora
0:35 What Did Lora Do Before Mortgages?
2:25 Can You Get Around the 2 Year Approval Process?
3:16 Important Tax Info
4:08 Common Mortgage Challenges Self Employed People Have
5:00 Non-Incorporated vs. Incorporated
6:32 Does it Matter if it's a Holding Company?
8:06 Longer Finance Clauses
8:44 Getting Around the Stress Test
9:38 Equity, Assets and Liquid Savings Owned by Your Business
10:43 Bank Statements Necessary
11:52 Outstanding Invoices
12:28 Guarantors and Cosigning to Get Qualified
13:30 Planning to be Self Employed or Self Employed Recently
14:39 Insured Mortgages for Self Employed People
15:21 Tips for Becoming Self Employed
16:16 Income Properties vs. Primary Home
19:23 Can You Use Income From Non-Legal Income Property?
20:47 Online Preapprovals vs. In Person
21:12 Trying Different Programs and Lenders
22:12 Recommended Books