The 6 Best Home Design Trends for 2021

By: Marlene Boyle

The 6 Best Home Design Trends for 2021

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1. Cottagecore


If you haven’t heard of cottagecore, you’re missing out! This trend is adorable and might give you Miss Honey from Matilda vibes.

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Cottagecore is all about nostalgia and comfort. Think cottage life, but a little bit modernized and more dreamy with a lot of earthy tones.

2. Distant Shores

Have you heard of Distant Shores? This trend incorporates those tropical vacation feels, with florals, soft yellow tones, and lots of tropical greenery. We may be having a cold and bitter winter, but this will make you feel a little more warm! 

3. Yellow

Speaking of soft yellows, apparently yellow is making a big appearance in home design trends. Illuminating, a cheery yellow tone, was even named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2021. In fact, we’ve even incorporated yellow into the staging of some of our recent listings. It sure does a magnificent job of brightening up a room! In fact, we've even taken part in this trend with some of our staging! See the last two pictures for our splashes of yellow.

4. Statement Headboards

Another trend? Statement headboards. They definitely give a bedroom a more grand and glamorous look, and become the focal point of the bedroom. Using different colours and patterns, you can certainly find some incredible headboards to level up your bedroom design. 

5. Maximalism

So you’ve probably seen minimalist homes… are you ready for maximalism? These rooms are definitely eye-catching with lots of colours, textures, and patterns. You might love how fun and loud they are, or you might hate the mix of bold colours and funky patterns. You decide!


6. Houseplants

Houseplants have been a huge trend for a while and it seems that more and more people are discovering their green thumb! Plants are a relatively inexpensive way to switch things up and add some colour to any room. Not to mention, they give your interior a more outdoorsy feel.




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Distant Shores
Statement Headboards
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