Get Into the Halloween Spirit with These Porch Decor Ideas!

By: Becky Crocker

Get Into the Halloween Spirit with These Porch Decor Ideas!

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When witches go riding and black cats are seen, its only 11 days before Halloween! Just want to share a few creative outdoor decorating ideas to make your front porch the most boo-tiful haunt on the block this Halloween!

Easily transform your porch pumpkin patch into a frightful, creepy crawly display overnight. Wrap pumpkins and gourds with cotton stretch web, add black spiders and black crows or black cats into the existing vignette. For a dramatic entrance, drill holes in your pumpkins and add bare branches. The branches will cast eerie shadows at night when welcoming trick-or treaters.

Swap your planters for a Jack-o-Lantern galvanized buckets. Paint on pointed eyes and a toothless grin. Use the blooms hues to guide your crafting and paint your plastic pots purple, orange, ghostly white or black cat. Mummify your potted mums by wrapping with cheesecloth or gauze allowing small slits for eerie red eyes or spooky black and white googly eyes. If you are like me and your summer green ferns are still growing strong, transform them into hovering, multi-eyed green aliens. Add sparkly purple tinsel for legs and multiple painted foam or gourd eyeballs on wooden dowels so they are watching you from every corner.

Have ghosts standing guard at your door.  Add a tomato cage inside your planters, add a foam ball on top and drape with a white sheet or cheesecloth. For a subtly chic and spooky nod to the haunted holiday, hang lacy ghosts at your front entry and put grandma’s old lace tablecloths to good use. Collect a few vintage brooms and arrange up and down on your front door. For a witchy edge hang pointy witch hats and cloaks on your front door, resting old vintage brooms on either side.  Swarm your stoop with a flurry of bat wings and create a school of scary, screeching felt bats on and around your front door. Outfit your entryway with oversize creepy-crawly spiders.  Simply blow up one large black balloon for the body and one smaller black balloon for the head, wrap craft wire or wire hanger with black faux fur legs.

Switch out your colourful fall front door wreath for a DIY bare bones twig wreath and a bold ribbon or simply add felt bats to the natural twig.  Take an old picture frame, use yarn or twine to create the spiraling effect of a spider web. Add slithering plastic snakes to a simple grapevine wreath and spray paint a solid colour to make it difficult to determine if vines or snakes.  

Spookify your front walkway with a row of paper Jack-o-Lantern luminaries. Cut faces out of a paper bag then lay out a strand of white outdoor lights. Cut holes in the bottom of the paper bags and insert the light bulb into the bottom of each bag to give trick or treaters a friendly fright.
Be cheery not eerie with bright colours and playful accents. Add a classic stripe black and white pillow and a Halloween themed doormat to your display. Paint or carve your pumpkins with happy grinning pumpkin faces or get creative and paint your favorite themed characters. Tempt your trick or treaters with a real sweet treat hanging on your door. Attach an assortment of candy with a hot glue gun to a craft foam wreath and add a burlap bow. Better yet, highlight the path to the candy with a festive pumpkin hopscotch. This will certainly put some pep in the trick or treaters steps! The fear factor is zero but joyfully welcoming for our little ghosts and goblins who will be sure to love what the cauldron holds.

Most of these ideas can be put together in an afternoon or less, so even if Halloween is just around the corner, you still have time to create a spooky landscape just outside your front door! Whether you are hosting a party or simply want to delight neighbors and trick or treaters adding a little frightful fun to your front porch will light up your Halloween celebrations. Happy haunting to all and to all a good fright!


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