Feel The Love: Creative Crafts, Valentine's Day Decor, and Good Eats

By: Becky Crocker

Feel The Love: Creative Crafts, Valentine's Day Decor, and Good Eats

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Becky is sharing some simple creative crafts, décor and good eats from Pinterest that will have everyone feeling the love this Valentine’s Day.

While there are tons of heart-shaped decorations to buy, nothing says you care like homemade crafts. Whether you want to add a touch of romance or simply add a sweet touch to your home décor this month these crafts can be used as décor, gifts and even special keepsakes year round.

Create a cute and cozy yarn wrapped wreath to add a sweet touch to your home décor this month – personalize with a name or different sentiment. Wrap craft foam wreath with yarn, glue or tie in back. Cut burlap into 4” squares, paint hearts and letters. Lightly glue burlap to wreath to secure, wrap twine around squares, secure with glue. Add pre-cut felt hearts.

Yarn wrapped hearts add texture and a pop of colour to your décor. Draw several heart shapes on cardstock or cardboard, same size or various sizes.  Cut out your heart shapes. Leaving yarn attached to the ball, wrap around one heart shaped piece of cardboard. Hold loose end in place until held in place by yarn. Change direction to make it interesting, trim yarn and tuck it into back side of your heart. Display your yarn wrapped hearts in a bowl or string them onto twine or beads to make a garland.

Brighten your space or sweet talk your loved one with this adorable display of your fresh cut florals. Layer two small glass vases, fit one inside the other. Fill inner vase with water and fill outer vase with conversation candy. Trim flowers down to size that they are just above the candy. Evidence of smaller vase inside will go unseen. Place fresh flowers inside the hidden water-filled vase. Finish candy heart bouquet with a pretty bow if desired.

 Dress up your fireplace mantel by layering simple frames with black, white and pink with a touch of red printables.  Collect simple frames in various sizes that you can reuse and switch out for every holiday.  Love a washed oak or white frame. Download and print online Valentine mantle printables.  Add a pompom or yarn wreath with a felt and twine garland to complete the look. Get creative and craft a canvas with any old lipstick you no longer use in your makeup drawer.

One of the most special ways to show love on Valentine’s Day is through the gift of delicious food! Here are some easy and tasty ideas that will surprise and delight your loved ones.

Show your family some love and start your day with avocado hearts on toast, a hearty fruit salad or maybe cupid’s arrow pancakes and fruit kabob.  What better way to make your kiddos feel special than with a heart shaped and sprinkle coated Valentine’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can pretty much cut anything into a heart shape!

They have a "pizza" your heart? Build your own heart shaped pizzas together with a caprese salad full of colour and fresh flavours. Cut the mozzarella into heart shaped slices.  Better yet, pop open your favourite bottle of wine and pair it with a delectable homemade Valentine charcuterie.

Enjoy fun dessert activities for the whole family. Make the day extra sweet and dreamy with a cup full of ice cream topped with fruit, cookies, candy and sprinkles. Charcuterie boards are probably my new favourite thing to create. You can be as creative as you want.  How fun is this sweet candy charcuterie?

There are few things cozier for a February day than hot chocolate. Cozy up with a hot chocolate with lots of red and white toppings. All you need is love and chocolate!

The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Easy to make crafts are one of the best ways to show you care on February 14. These little crafts are so easy to make and inexpensive. Doing something a little more creative and one of a kind will certainly show your loved ones just how much they really mean to you.

Little love letters - Make Valentine’s Day more special by putting into words why your loved ones – partners, kids, pets, family and friends - mean so much to you! 

Have a favourite bookworm? Make them a small, colourful and personal heart bookmark. When they use it to save their page, they will always think of you!

A spoonful of love – add some sugary sweetness to their morning coffee or extra chocolate in their hot cocoa by making custom mix-ins. Pour melted chocolate onto a spoon, and top with chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles and other flavour-packed garnishes. Who doesn’t love chocolate on a spoon?

Custom candy box – think you know them well? Fill a plastic organizer with your loved one’s favorite sweets. This is far more creative than a box of chocolates. 

A jar full of love – fill a mason jar with some self-care essentials that will give your Valentine some overdue TLC.

Engraved candle – carve a heart with your initials on a scented candle or add a personal message. Use a marker or even some nail polish to colour in your carvings!

Date night jar – sometimes the hardest part about getting out and enjoying date night is simply coming up with a unique idea.  Shake up your date night routine and add spontaneity. Customize your date night ideas to suit your collective interests, maybe even a little outside of your norm. Be creative! Write a different date night idea on each craft stick. Toss sticks into a jar. When date night rolls around, reach into the jar to retrieve a stick and reveal your creative date night experience. Have fun! 

Source: Pinterest.com