Fall Decor Trends for 2022

By: Marlene Boyle

Fall Decor Trends for 2022

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Natural tones have been in style for a while now, but adding a pop of colour is a great idea for the fall. Curves and round furniture are a hit right now as well. Sharp edges are typically more harsh, while curves and rounded edges are more inviting and add comfort and coziness to a room. 

curved furniture and rounded edges are more inviting and add comfort and coziness to a room.
Sources: Mobilia, Better Homes & Gardens
According to realtor.ca, woven elements, like macrame, are a great trend that goes hand-in-hand with natural tones. Easy ways to incorporate this trend into your home decor include adding wicker or rattan furniture as well as woven plant hangers for a boho feel. 

Rattan and wicker furniture is a great way to add woven elements to your interior
Source: CNN
Sustainable shopping is in. Try thrifting furniture and repurposing it. Sometimes, a coat of paint can make a piece of furniture look brand new. You can also save money on home decor by bringing the outdoors in. This time of year, you can find all sorts of things outside like colourful fall leaves, pinecones, logs, and flowers. Repurpose some of these materials into a wreath or put the greenery you find outside in a vase. Fill a glass bowl with pinecones. You can even get creative and add some glitter to the edges of the pinecones once it gets colder to imitate snow! Once December rolls around, turn them into Christmas tree ornaments. If you find any branches or logs laying around, cut off a piece to make one of those trendy wooden coasters. All you need to do is sand it to make it nice and smooth and put a varnish on it to make your own DIY coasters.

There are plenty of great ways you can use outside materials to participate in the sustainable decor trend. Be resourceful and repurpose branches, wood, and pinecones to make DIY home decor pieces.
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Another great trend for fall is plaid and checkered patterns. People love to break out their plaid clothing in the fall, so why not incorporate it into your home decor? Add a plaid throw blanket or some checkered pillows.

Plaid and checkered patterns are a huge trend right now for the fall of 2022. Add a throw blanket or some throw pillows with these patterns and get creative experimenting with checkered curtains or rugs
Sources: HGTVLiving Spaces

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SOURCE: Merisa Gomez-Adams on Realtor.ca