2022 Interior Design Trends

By: Becky Crocker

2022 Interior Design Trends

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As we begin a new year, we can’t help but wonder what’s in store over the coming months.  But if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that so much can change overnight.  While quality time at home was once reserved for nights and weekends, many now treat their spaces as multi-functional headquarters. 

Your home is not only where you eat, sleep and relax, it also acts as your office, gym and restaurant.  Last year we focused on a better way to work from home, and how to extend our outdoor zones and create nooks out of overlooked spaces.  While we still want our homes to function well and look nice, it is more about how they make us feel.  We will see more spaces that have personality and personal ties to interests and hobbies.  Trends give us a sense of comfort.  It was all about blending style and practicality as we all continued to spend more time in our homes.  From new colour palettes to unique furniture choices, I see tasteful pops of colour, lots of lush layers,  textured woods and nature-inspired looks on trend for 2022.  No matter which trends interest you, it’s safe to say that your home is in for a bright, stylish new year filled with cozy comforts, playful choices and luxurious upgrades.

(Photo by Rachel Claire)

Traditional details and lasting styles are making a big comeback. With so much change around the world, we are craving a sense of comfort and timelessness in our homes.  We are gravitating towards pieces that have richness and history.  Mix-matching current furniture pieces with family heirlooms or antiques helps a room feel timeless.  When everything in your space is handpicked rather than box-fresh, a truly personal, unique home emerges, one that can make you feel right at home.  The younger generation is embracing traditional design with a fresh twist.  Collect things that are your own personal style and an expression of everything you are passionate about. 

White and creams, mixed with dark natural wood, washed linen textiles and black and white photography will continue to hold strong.  While shades of earthy browns – chocolate brown, camels and caramels to cognac and burnt umber, are strongly emerging on trend.  These warmer tones feel more welcoming and are a refreshing change to the oversaturation of grays.  We will see lots of earthy palettes and nature-inspired surfaces and objects, while mixing them with patterns.  With more time spent indoors, we are seeking to strengthen our connection with nature.  Create a calming environment with lots of natural light and ventilation and incorporate fresh greenery and plants.  It’s no wonder that green of all shades is trending as we continue to bring the outdoors in.

(Photo by Ksenia Chernaya)

As we shift away from straight-lined minimalism towards cozier interiors, our furniture is getting softer and more sculptural.  We will see more mid-century furniture – peg legs and teak wood tones.  The versatility and function of swivel furniture is becoming high in demand.  Softer shapes and angles, curved edges and deep seats, take the front row.  Texture plays a key role in how cozy a space feels.  Furry, nubby and cozy textured fabrics like linens, velvet and mohair are calling as are pieces that feel more organic and nice to touch.  Incorporating just a few luxe touches will spruce up a room and make your décor feel bright, shiny and new. 

As our interiors are getting cozier, they’re also getting more playful and lighthearted.  More and more people are incorporating moody colours into their homes as opposed to stark whites.  We will see dark and moody palettes mixed with stainless steel, jovial multicolor schemes and colour blocking.  Reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, vibrant colours and bold patterned fabrics are radiating as we crave spaces with strong personalities.

(Fragola Mirror with LED by Beta Living Concept)

Don’t be afraid to embrace your bold streak. People are trading bare walls for printed wallpaper and 3D art.  Layering and mixing patterns creates a warm and inviting ambience in your space as well as layers of interest and conversation.  Expect to see pillows topped with tassels, lamps lined with fringe, and couches trimmed with bullion.  Fringe is poised to become the must-have décor detail in 2022.  Still not sure I’m sold on this, how about you?

Entertaining spaces may have taken a backseat and we’ve switched to comfortable and functional.  But in 2022, we look forward to entertaining family and friends again which means reinvesting in our entertaining spaces, dressing up dining rooms, outfitting outdoor spaces and adding little luxuries to living rooms.  Outdoor furniture will become more refined and sophisticated as we continue to spend more time entertaining outdoors and our patios become true extensions of our interior décor.  We’ll be seeing lots of updated and innovative outdoor furniture as people invest more in outdoor oases.
While you don’t have to follow trends to a tee, getting a glimpse of what lies ahead can be a lot of fun!  Get inspired.  Be adventurous.  Create a space that brings you comfort and joy … a space that is uniquely yours to call home.